Clearfield Hit by Heavy Rain, Flash Flooding

This photo is of the West Side area and was taken by GANT correspondent Julie Rae Rickard.

This photo is of the West Side area and was taken by GANT correspondent Julie Rae Rickard.

CLEARFIELD – Heavy rainfall triggered severe flash flooding conditions in areas of Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township on Thursday night.

Flooding conditions resulted in power outages, roadway closures and water rescues, and left some residents seeking alternative shelter and to later clean up property damage.

Amidst the flooding, emergency officials issued alerts on their Facebook pages that crews were responding to multiple calls.

They were also reminding residents that when the rain stopped, it would still take several hours for flood waters to recede in affected areas.

“… Under no circumstances should drivers attempt to travel on flooded roads. All residents are advised to seek shelter and stay inside if possible,” stated a Facebook post by the Clearfield Volunteer Fire Department.

A post by the Clearfield County Fire Wire stated: “We ask that you stay out of the areas that are flooded in Clearfield and Lawrence Township. This is for your safety and the safety of rescue personnel.”

Later, a post on the Fire Wire added that, “Some people like to see what’s going on. This is being safe and reminding people to think safe.”

Photo by Julie Rae Rickard

Photo by Julie Rae Rickard

At 9:35 p.m., local law enforcement officials were still reporting flash flooding incidents. More than 5 inches of rain had fallen just north of Clearfield; also, more than 3 inches of rain had fallen in downtown, according to an report.

On Facebook Commissioner Mark B. McCracken posted the commissioners had signed a county emergency declaration at the fire department to be faxed to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). “That was the easy job for the evening,” he stated.

“The heavy lifting is being done by the emergency responders, not just from Clearfield and Lawrence Township, but many came in from neighboring communities to lend a hand.”

McCracken added, “The dispatchers at 911 had a busy evening and will continue with a heavy call load through the night, as another band of showers will come through shortly.

“Local residents will have a rough few days, too, as they clean up the damage to their property.”

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