DuBois Woman Allegedly Found with Heroin Waives Hearing

DUBOIS – A DuBois woman allegedly found in possession of a quantity of heroin waived her right to a preliminary hearing Friday during centralized court.

Terry Lynn Kelly, 54, is charged with intentional possession of a controlled substance, manufacture/delivery/possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and place ad for sale of drug paraphernalia. Her bail is $5,000, unsecured.

The charges stem from an incident Nov. 13 in Sandy Township.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, police were called to assist state parole officers at a Strotsky Road residence. The officers were at that residence looking for a woman who was a parole absconder.

While there they made contact with Kelly, who is currently on parole and found she was allegedly in possession of heroin. This parole officer saw her place approximately eight individually wrapped stamp bags inside the cushions of the couch, he said. This was when the officer called police.

The police officers spoke with the parole agents who said they believed there were more drugs and paraphernalia inside the home. In the kitchen, they saw two spoons with residue and needles.

When Kelly was asked if there were any more drugs in the residence, she said there was more upstairs in a closet. She then showed an officer to her room where she took a Christmas bag from the closet.

She gave permission to search the bag. Inside police said they found a pack of needles, and eight bundles of heroin wrapped in phone book pages.

Kelly then stated there may be something in the pill bottles in a night stand next to the bed. The bottles contained empty stamp bags. She gave the officers permission to search the residence, but said that was all that was in the place.

When she was questioned by one of the parole officers, she explained that the woman they were looking for bought the drugs in Philadelphia and then got a ride to State College.  Kelly and another man picked her up and brought her back to the residence.

An inventory of the items found in the home listed 94 individually wrapped stamp bags of heroin, four spoons with residue and numerous needles, according to the report.


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