Guys Sought for Ms. Relay Pageant

CLEARFIELD – Organizers of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life are looking for guys who are 16 years and older for their Ms. Relay Pageant.

What is the Ms. Relay Pageant? It’s fun and it’s for a great cause – the fight against cancer.

In the Ms. Relay Pageant, the guys take the stage. But they do this with one little catch … they dress up as a woman.

“Whether you go for the glamour or fun is up to you,” organizers said.

To enter, participants must fill out a registration form available at the Clearfield American Cancer Society Office, 26 S. Second St., Suite 102, Clearfield or Jim’s Sports Center, 26 N. Second St., Clearfield.

Forms are also to be turned into either of these locations.

Once guys turn in their registration form, they will receive three donation cans to decorate and to collect donations for Relay for Life.

Participants are to put their name and photo on each can. They are to display the cans in businesses that will allow them; they may also collect donations from friends and family.

All votes/donations are due by 12 p.m. Relay Day, which is June 4 at the Clearfield County Fairgrounds.

The fun part comes June 4 where Relay for Life will be in full swing and participants will take the runway to show off their version of Ms. Relay.

Contestants will have the opportunity to answer a pageant question and share a talent if they choose to.

They will also have one last chance to get “votes” at the Relay by walking around with their open purse and collecting donations.

The winner will be determined largely on how many votes (donations) each contestant earns.

The winners will be announced between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. “As soon as we tally all the final votes,” organizers said.

The contest is open to all guys who are age 16 years and older. The entry deadline is May 27.

Bu organizers reminded that “the sooner you enter the more time you will have to collect votes and raise funds.”

If you have any questions, please e-mail

All proceeds from the event will benefit Central Clearfield County’s Relay for Life.

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