Clearfield Borough Council Discusses Crumbling Retaining Wall

(Photo by Wendy Brion)

(Photo by Wendy Brion)

(Photo by Wendy Brion)

(Photo by Wendy Brion)

CLEARFIELD – During committee meetings last night, Clearfield Borough Council discussed a crumbling retaining wall along the railroad bed on Williams Street.

The concrete wall is deteriorating and when it eventually collapses it will take part of the street with it.

Engineer Todd Banks of Stiffler & McGraw Engineering recommended doing a cost estimate on various options, noting that the cost of replacing it could be a considerable amount.

Other options, he said, could include repair, which would be temporary, or even closing that portion of the street.  There are no driveways emptying out onto that portion of Williams Street.

“It’s on its last legs,” he noted.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott added that they have made no decision yet but want to explore every option in order to spend taxpayer money wisely.

(Photo by Wendy Brion)

(Photo by Wendy Brion)

Banks also reported progress is being made on Stinky Run and a meeting to review plans is scheduled June 13 in Harrisburg.  He also noted that they will be putting the curb and sidewalk bids for Third Street out soon and hopefully open them July 14.

Council heard from resident Tim Winters, who stated he wanted to address unfounded allegations from the last council meeting where a resident raised concerns about Winters, who is a former council member, lettering the new borough police car and whether it was an ethical violation.

Winters stated that any business dealings he had with the council was approved by both the council and the solicitor and added that other businesses offer the same services to council.  “If someone has an issue with me, so be it,” he said.

In a statement to the press, presented after his statements to council, Winters said, “In a small community like Clearfield, volunteers and contributors have a huge impact.  I will continue to donate my time and services, and I encourage others to also step in and make a difference.”

After making his statements to the council, Jim Kling, council member, thanked Winters for his work in the community and other council members agreed.

Winters also added that the borough will be having a clean-up day on Saturday and suggested it would be a good opportunity for other community members to participate.

Under the police report, residents are reminded to lock their vehicles, as there has been a rash of break-ins and recently a vehicle was stolen in the borough.

The borough police will also be participating in the Buckle Up, Click-it or Ticket Zero Tolerance enforcement program between May 16 and June 5.

Officer Nathan Curry informed council the department received a grant from the state Department of Transportation for $1,500, which will be used to pay for extra patrols during that time.

Curry said there were 13,500 unrestrained crashes last year resulting in 415 fatalities.

The committee will recommend approval of traffic control for the Clearfield Fair Queens for a Cause run on June 12 at 8:30 a.m. and the Clearfield YMCA run on Aug. 6 at 8:30 a.m.

Code Enforcement Officer Larry Mack stated he has been issuing notifications to residents regarding high grass and also for blowing grass and yard debris into streets.

There was no quorum for the public works committee or personnel committee, but Stott did inform council that the committee will be recommending purchase of a sewer camera for less than $10,000.  She said the money will come out of the sewer fund at COSTARS pricing and the new camera will record to a flash drive.  The borough will then try to sell the old camera.

Items of note include Beautification Day on Saturday at 10 a.m.  No flowers will be planted around the trees this year but the mulch will be freshened and other work will be done.

The Bloom and Berry Bash will be held June 25 and a Super Summer Wal-Mart Yard Sale for Clearfield Revitalization Corp. will be held July 9.  Volunteer help for all of these events is appreciated.

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