‘Ninja Burglar’ broke into homes in 3 states, DA says

The man nicknamed the “Ninja Burglar” allegedly broke into homes in three states, donning an all-black outfit.

For a decade, Robert Costanzo took off with valuables worth millions of dollars from more than 100 break-ins, authorities said.

In some cases, he brazenly slipped into occupied homes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, according to authorities.

During his criminal career, the defendant made off with $4 million in cash and goods, including jewelry and watches, Richmond County District Attorney Michael McMahon said in a statement.

The county includes Staten Island, one of the areas targeted by the “Ninja Burglar.”

Costanzo allegedly broke into homes between 2005 and 2015.

Court appearance

After years of evading authorities, the 46-year-old will appear in court Thursday.

He’s been charged with three burglaries because the statute of limitations expired on the others, McMahon said, adding that he is expected to plead guilty.

Costanzo has confessed to a lot of the burglaries and provided intimate details about the incidents, according to McMahon. Some of the details include information that was never released to the media.

“Rest assured knowing that the Ninja Burglar case has finally been resolved,” McMahon said.

During his confession, he detailed how he targeted wealthy homes mostly in the evenings, authorities said.

Plea deal

Costanzo is expected to accept a plea deal when he appears in court in Staten Island on three burglary charges, CNN affiliate WABC reported.

Each count carries three to 15 years in prison, the affiliate reported.

Information on his attorney was not immediately available.

How did he get arrested?

Authorities said they identified him as the suspect following an 18-month investigation that started in October 2014.

Investigators from various states detected a pattern in the way the “Ninja Burglar” operated, and started physical and electronic surveillance of Costanzo, who lived in Staten Island.

It became apparent that his break-ins went beyond Staten Island, according to McMahon.

In February, detectives met with the suspect and his lawyer, and started working out details of a plea deal.

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