Missouri secretary of state officially calls state for Trump, Clinton

Missouri’s secretary of state officially declared Tuesday that Donald Trump won a narrow victory over Ted Cruz and will win the state’s 12 at-large delegates.

The final tally found Trump edging out Cruz 40.8%-40.6%, or by fewer than 2,000 votes in the March 15 primary.

The additional 12 delegates give Trump an important boost after he was swept by Cruz in Colorado over the weekend at the Colorado Republican convention.

The additional delegates bring Trump slightly closer to the 1,237 needed to secure the nomination. By CNN’s estimates, Trump now has 758 delegates, Cruz has 538, Marco Rubio has 173 and John Kasich has 145.

The secretary of state also declared Hillary Clinton the winner there in her close race with Bernie Sanders — she beat him 49.6%-49.4%, or by about 1,500 votes of the 630,000 cast in the Democratic primary.

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Missouri secretary of state officially calls state for Trump

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