John Kasich calls for ‘more tolerance’ on gay marriage

John Kasich called for a little “more respect” and “more tolerance” rather than more legislation when asked a question during a campaign event Monday about protecting gay and transgender Americans.

The Ohio governor is set to sit down with voters and CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday night at a town hall event with his family, including wife, Karen, and daughters, Emma and Reese.

He has been campaigning in the Empire State ahead of New York’s presidential primary next Tuesday, trying to sell himself to voters as an alternative to front-runner Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Kasich is down by double-digits in polling ahead of the contest and trails both men in the race for delegates.

The Republican candidate, who has at times bucked his party’s positions, told voters at a town hall in Troy, New York, that he wouldn’t challenge the Supreme Court’s decision allowing gay marriage nationwide.

“I’m allowing the court ruling to stand. I’m not looking for some constitutional amendment, it’s done,” Kasich said.

He said he believes in protecting religious institutions and said he would intervene in his state if there was a serious issue with a conflict between religious freedom and nondiscrimination, but said he would advise voters to “let it go.”

“We have to live together, what do we want, more laws? How about a little bit more tolerance and a little bit more respect?” Kasich said.

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