Full voltage! The world’s most exciting electric supercars

They look like petrol-powered supercars but you won’t find a V12 engine lurking beneath the hood of these automotive works of art.

From the Tesla S P90 that goes from 0-60 mph in under three seconds to the 280 mph Toroidion 1MW, a new breed of electric cars is proving that gasoline needn’t be the only option for the traditional petrolhead.

“You don’t have to sacrifice anything for being sustainable,” says Richard Kim, head of design for electric car manufacturer Faraday Future.

“This is 100% sustainable, electric, non-polluting vehicle, and it can be as dynamic as 1,000 horsepower,” Kim says of the eye-catching FFZERO1 car.

Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E — the world’s first all-electric racing series — believes advances in technology are driving the auto industry into a new electric era.

“Technology and cars are getting closer and closer; there’s a revolution going on,” Agag told CNN.

“What we want to do is convince the younger generation to move to electric cars. If we achieve that, we’ll have cleaner cities, cleaner air, less pollution. We’ll have a better world effectively.”

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