Wednesday’s 5 things: It’s Trump’s world, we’re just living in it

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Trump triumph: The Donald has officially gone from “He can’t possibly win” to “He can’t be stopped.” He thoroughly body slammed the competition in the Nevada caucuses. And he’s leading in most Super Tuesday polls. The pressure is definitely on Cruz and Rubio — and it shows. Cruz was somewhat subdued when he addressed his supporters, and Rubio didn’t even bother giving one of his “I came in third/fifth/second place, but I still won!” speeches. (Last night’s Trumpism: “We won with young. With won with old. We won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.”)


Race matters: At the CNN town hall in South Carolina last night. The Bern (finally) bear hugged President Obama, while Hillz used her husband’s “I feel your pain” magic to talk about race. To not do so would’ve been political malpractice for both: Blacks are more than half the electorate in Saturday’s primary; they heart Obama; and race relations are a top concern. Clinton was very “move along, nothing to see here” to a question about those pesky emails, while Sanders was all “what me worry?” about his chances of winning.


Meh, don’t bother: President Obama can nominate whomever he wants to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. But Senate Republicans vow that not only will they NOT hold hearings, they won’t even meet with the person. The GOP’s using the old good-for-the-goose, good-for-the-gander argument: Joe Biden urged Senate to do the same thing in 1992 (an election year when George H.W. Bush, a Republican, was president). John Q. Public wants the vacancy filled now. But when did that ever matter on Capitol Hill?


A promise is a promise: Gotta hand it to President Obama. He has no problem driving fast, head-first, into a brick wall. In 2008 (you know, the “hope and change” year) he promised to shut down Gitmo. That was met with a firm “no” from the GOP (and some Dems). Yesterday, he vowed again that Gitmo’s gotta go. The reaction this time? A hell no! So the will of the most powerful man in the world is again thwarted. Just like that Supreme Court pick. Just like gun control legislation.  Just like … you get the picture.


Flight down:  A small plane carrying 21 people crashed in the mountains of northern Nepal this morning. A few bodies have been found so far. But authorities fear everyone is dead. It’s puzzling why the plane went down: The weather was clear, and the Twin Otter was new.


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Size matters

Plane seats are getting thinner. Passengers are … not. What’s an airline to do? Put in benches!

Protein punch

There’s artisanal pasta and then there’s artisanal pasta made from pulverized crickets and grasshoppers. Hey at least it’s not poo curry. 

Today in facepalm

Forty percent of millennials say cereal is an inconvenient choice for breakfast BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE BOWL AFTERWARD!!!

Friends with Zenefits

These upstarts at startups. Zenefits had to send an email to employees telling them to quit having sex in the stairwell. Because too many of them were.

A bit much, no?

Adam Levine’s new back tattoo looks like, as Esquire put it, “he literally flipped through the artist’s book of designs and said, I’ll take all of it.”


Here’s what’s happening later.

A badly needed break

Officials may finally have something. They’ve called a news conference today to update us on the death of Jessica Chambers, who was found burned by the side of a rural Mississippi road two years ago.


So over it

All Flossie Dickey really wants is to be left alone so she can take her naps. Wouldn’t you if you were 110?

Water Reconnection Fees May Increase in DuBois City
University of Tennessee asks judge to strike Peyton Manning mention in suit

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