Search in Paris attacks finds footage of Belgian nuclear official

Investigators in November’s Paris terror attacks have seized footage containing about 10 hours of video surveillance of a senior Belgian nuclear official, a spokesman for the Belgian federal prosecutor said Thursday.

They found the footage during a search in Belgium in connection with the attacks that left 130 dead, said the spokesman, Thierry Werts.

Werts would not reveal the name or other details regarding the nuclear expert, citing security reasons.

The Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure first reported the discovery of the video.

It was not possible to determine the date of the footage, so it’s unclear whether it was taken before or after the November 13 Paris attacks, according to the news report.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Months after the bloodshed, investigators have conducted searches in Belgium, where the terrorists are believed to have convened before the attack. Bomb-making materials and the fingerprint of Salah Abdeslam, a Belgian-born fugitive believed to have played a key role in the attacks, was found in a Belgian apartment last month.

There have been several connections between the Paris attacks and neighboring Belgium. The latter was also home to Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks. Abaaoud was killed during a November police raid in a Paris suburb.

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