Deputies Apprehend Two Fugitives in Sanborn

SANBORN – On Feb. 12 deputies from the Clearfield County Sheriff’s Department apprehended two female fugitives in Sanborn after they allegedly attempted to flee to avoid being taken into custody.

According to the report, deputies received information about two fugitives who resided at a residence on Sanborn Road. When deputies arrived they didn’t find anyone there and positioned to observe the residence.

A short time later, the homeowner drove by. Upon observing deputies in marked cars, he allegedly accelerated and attempted to flee the area. Upon making contact with him, he allegedly admitted to transporting two female fugitives.

He also allegedly admitted to assisting the female fugitives by allowing them to exit his vehicle and then flee into the nearby woods. Deputies identified the two female fugitives as Kayla Rauch and Ashley Mick.

Deputies responded to the area where Rauch and Mick allegedly fled from the vehicle and began a search. They tracked the females and apprehended them. Rauch and Mick were placed under arrest and escorted to be taken to the county jail.

Both Rauch and Mick were lodged in county jail on bench warrants. Their bench warrants were issued for non-payment of fines and for failure to appear for court. Additional charges will be filed against Rauch and Mick for resisting arrest and flight to avoid apprehension, deputies said.



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