DuBois City to Take Over Maintenance of Main Street

DUBOIS – The DuBois City Council voted to approve taking over Main Street from the state Department of Transportation on Monday night.

Further, the three council members who were present voted to accept $1,950,000 in exchange for taking over the maintenance, upgrades, repairs and beautification of the stretch of Main Street.

Council members Diane Bernardo and Jim Aughenbaugh were excused from the meeting. Due to their absence, council’s discussion regarding the city’s landlord ordinance 1908 was postponed.

DuBois City Mayor Gary Gilbert indicated that he would like to have all council members present for the discussion.  It was tentatively scheduled for the next regular meeting in two weeks, Feb. 8, assuming all council members are available.

It was noted that this follows the discussion at Thursday’s work session meeting and, prior to that, the first meeting of the Rental Ordinance Committee.

City Manager John “Herm” Suplizio brought it to the council’s attention that local Rev. Dave Bish of the Tri-County Church had recently died.  He offered condolences on behalf of DuBois City. “Dealing with him over the years, he was an excellent man,” said Suplizio.

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