GANT Police Blotter

State police at Philipsburg

  • State police received a report about an alleged incident of identity theft that occurred Jan. 14 on North Centre Street in Philipsburg Borough. During the incident, someone allegedly attempted to access the victim’s bank accounts. State police are continuing their investigation at this time.

Lawrence Township

  • Police received a report about careless driving in the area of Clark Street.
  • Police received a parking complaint that occurred at a local business. Police made contact with the owner to have them move the vehicle.
  • Police were requested to check the welfare of a male in Country Club. His dogs were outside and his front door was open. Upon arrival police found the male was OK and unaware that his door didn’t latch.

DuBois City

  • On Thursday police fielded several calls regarding a telephone scam in the area. Several residents were contacted by a person who alleges to be with the IRS. The person also allegedly threatens a grand jury indictment or lawsuit if the resident doesn’t pay a fine. Police would like to advise residents that this is a scam. In addition, police remind residents that the IRS contacts people by letter with official letterhead. Police said residents should not provide their personal information to anyone who demands money for them to avoid some type of penalty.
  • Police received a report about an activated alarm Thursday at Palumbo’s on West Long Avenue. Upon arrival police found it was activated by an unsecured door.

Sandy Township

  • On Wednesday police were called to Sabula where a 10-year-old and 15-year-old boy had allegedly engaged in an altercation after the 15-year-old got off the school bus. It was determined that the 10-year-old allegedly followed the 15-year-old and eventually hit him with a spark plug wire, police said. Police handled the situation without incident.
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