Trumps shows softer side after woman faints at rally

Between taunts about Ted Cruz’s eligibility to serve as president Donald Trump on Sunday showed off a softer side.

At a Reno, Nevada, rally, the GOP presidential frontrunner completely stopped his speech after a woman in the crowd fainted.

“Is she OK?” a stern-faced Trump inquired multiple times, in addition to calling for a doctor and demanding his aides get the woman a glass of water.

“We love our people, we’ve got to take care of our people,” Trump said. “Who cares, we’ll hold it for a couple of minutes.”

But after seeing the woman was being treated by two doctors, Trump couldn’t resist an impromptu jab at the Affordable Care Act, the Obama administration’s signature domestic achievement.

“We’ve got great people in our audience,” Trump said. “She’s surrounded by doctors — no thanks to Obamacare.”

After a couple of minutes passed, the woman gave Trump the OK to continue. Trump told the woman to rest backstage and to return for the end of the speech.

“And if she wants me to stop, I’ll stop on a dime.”

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