Clearfield Borough Dealing with Decoration Dismay

CLEARFIELD Downtown decorations are causing dismay in Clearfield Borough.

At Thursday’s Clearfield Borough Council meeting, Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said she has been fielding some complaints about the Christmas decorations in the downtown area.

Stott said with the new light fixtures and poles, she had to order new decorative snowflakes. She said she got the smallest snowflakes she could, but they are slightly too large for the poles. Stott said the lights encroach over the street, and there was a danger of the lights becoming damaged if a delivery truck drove through.

Stott said the street department did what they could with what they had to work with. She said they are working to make better brackets and some of the lights had to be hung parallel to the street.

Stott said there were also some issues with the tree across the street from the Elks club. Stott said there were new lights ordered for the tree, but when the lights were being put on the tree, an electrical problem was discovered and the lights could not be hung.

However, Stott said it was not all Grinches and gloom for the holidays. She said the Community Christmas Tree lighting went extremely well and the tree looks great. Stott said many residents turned out.

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