German parliament to vote on expanding fight against ISIS

Lawmakers are expected to vote Friday to expand Germany’s role in the fight against ISIS — with the result a foregone conclusion.

Germany’s post-World War II constitution hinders it in participating in battle on foreign soil. So, it can’t commit to airstrikes.

But it can enhance its military support role. It can, for instance, deploy high-tech intelligence jets over Syria and northern Iraq to help other countries’ forces pinpoint targets.

The German Cabinet approved the military support mission against ISIS in Syria this week.

In Parliament, the measure reportedly has overwhelming political support in Parliament, with only two smaller parties objecting.

And so, the vote is widely seen as a rubber stamping of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s recent commitment to France, which asked allies to bump up the military offensive against ISIS after the November 13 Paris terror attacks.

When approved, the mission will include as many as 1,200 German soldiers, the government said.

In addition to aerial and satellite reconnaissance, the mission will also allow aerial refueling and the provision of a naval escort to the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, the government said.

Earlier this week, British lawmakers voted to bomb ISIS strongholds inside Syria. And soon after the air strikes began.

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