GANT RELOAD: Week of Nov. 23

The GANT weekly reload gives readers a look back upon the most noteworthy stories of their work week.  It contains the big headlines, as well as a few stories you might have missed. It might even include a story or two of the lighter side.

The GANT reload will be posted each weekend for your perusal. For most part, the reload will be filled with local headlines, but every now and again, a state, world or national story will make the list.

Construction Progresses on Graystone Complex

CLEARFIELD – Towering over Leonard Street in Clearfield, visible from many different points, is the new Graystone Court Villas apartment complex.

Judge Revokes Nelson’s Probation, Sends him to State Prison

CLEARFIELD – A New Millport man who allegedly struck and killed a woman with a stolen vehicle was sentenced to state prison for a probation violation Monday.

Brighten the Night Kicks of DuBois Holiday Season

By Ryan Haggerty for GANTDaily

DUBOIS – Brighten the Night, an event organized by the Downtown DuBois Revitalization Group, kicked off the holiday season in DuBois.  This year’s event took place Friday at the Edward V Cherry Amphitheater in the DuBois City Park.

Commissioners Terminate Lease Agreement with CCEDC

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Commissioners unanimously approved terminating a lease agreement with the Clearfield County Economic Development Corp. (CCEDC), also known as Clearly Ahead Development, during Tuesday’s meeting.

Pre-trial Conferences Held in Three Clearfield County Death Cases

CLEARFIELD – Three of four cases involving deaths that are currently in the Clearfield County Court system were scheduled for pre-trial conferences recently.

Robinson-McMillen: PA Counties Taking Action to End Budget Stalemate

CLEARFIELD – County commissioners across Pennsylvania have not only authorized counsel to explore options to end the current six-month state budget stalemate, but also to prevent future threats to key human services programs provided at the county level, reported Commissioner Joan Robinson-McMillen, chair, at Tuesday’s meeting.

Committee Discusses Consolidation Process for Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township

CLEARFIELD – The Joint Committee for the consolidation of Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township met last night at the Clearfield Borough offices, along with members of the Pennsylvania Economy League, to discuss the next steps to take before a referendum is placed on the ballot for voters of both municipalities to make the final decision.

DuBois Council Confronted Over Water Fluoridation

DUBOIS – Representatives from the Coalition for Drug Free Water confronted DuBois City Council again seeking an end for water fluoridation. Gary Guerndt and Terry Cook had approached council three years ago over the same topic.

Alvin Accused of Threatening to Shoot Woman and Her Children

DUBOIS – A DuBois man who threatened to shoot a woman and her children is now facing charges.

Retirement Board Reviews Investment Performance Report

CLEARFIELD – Members of the Clearfield County Retirement Board recently reviewed the Investment Performance Report from its investment manager Peirce Park Group.


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