5 things to know for your new day — Monday, September 21

Game of Thrones reigns supreme at the Emmys. The pope wraps up his Cuba journey and gets ready for the U.S. And two American hostages held in Yemen are now free.

It’s Monday, and here are five things to know for your new day:


If at first you don’t succeed … : After five seasons, “Game of Thrones” won its first best-drama Emmy — plus three other Emmys on Sunday night. After eight tries, Jon Hamm won his first Emmy for his iconic role on “Mad Men.” And after four seasons, “Veep” ended the five-year winning dynasty of “Modern Family.” Moral of the story? Perseverance pays off. Oh, and HBO is swimming in Emmys.


From Cuba to the U.S.: It’s been a busy weekend for Pope Francis, and this week will be even busier. On Sunday, he celebrated Mass in front of thousands of people at Havana’s Revolution Square. Then he met with the Castro brothers. Expect even more excitement about the pope’s journey when he comes to the United States on Tuesday.


9 dead, 714 sickened: For the first time, a food executive has been convicted on federal felony charges linked to a food poisoning outbreak. And today, former Peanut Corporation of America owner Stewart Parnell could be sentenced to life in prison for knowingly shipping out peanut paste contaminated with salmonella. Victims of the outbreak will get to speak at the sentencing.


Mother, boyfriend due in court: . For months, investigators only knew her as “Baby Doe,” the toddler whose remains were found wrapped in a trash bag along Boston Harbor in June. Now, we know her real name: Bella Bond. And authorities have arrested her mother and her mother’s boyfriend, who allegedly punched the 2-year-old because he thought she was possessed. Both the mother and the boyfriend are due in court on Monday.


Thanks, Oman: The nightmare is over for Scott Darden, and Sam Farran, two Americans who were held hostage for six months by Houthi rebels in Yemen. The hostage release was negotiated by the Omanis. The Houthis also released a Briton and three Saudi nationals, who were expected to go to Oman. But a third American believed to be held by the Houthis was not released.

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