Hillary Clinton on Emu watch in New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton, fresh off a comedic turn Wednesday night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s “The Tonight Show,” is feeling pretty punny.

She fired off a personal tweet Thursday morning in response to local New Hampshire reports of an emu — yes,, an emu — on the loose in the town of Bow.

“Heading to New Hampshire and just read that there’s an emu on the loose! Seems like a story with legs,” Clinton tweeted.

The Bow Police Department is on the case to locate the wandering “big fella,” according to a CBS Boston report.

“Some people have them on farms, I know they raise them for meat,” Bow Police told WBZ NewsRadio 1030. “We’ve checked the farms in the area and nobody has claimed it.”

Clinton, meanwhile, will be holding three events in New Hampshire on Thursday — a pair of substance abuse forums and a town hall. The first event will be in Nashua, about 35 miles from Bow and the second event will be in Laconia, about 40 miles away. But the third event will be in Concord, a mere 6.7 miles.

It’s unclear if the emu is planning on attending the Clinton town hall event.

“Over the last two days we have had several reports of an emu wandering around town,” Bow police said in a Facebook post on Sunday.

Clinton is also scheduled for her first live television interview from the campaign trail at 5 p.m. with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for “The Situation Room.”

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