5 things to know for your New Day — Friday, September 4

A Syrian toddler becomes the symbol of an international crisis. A federal Judge locks up a Kentucky clerk. And Donald Trump takes the pledge.

It’s Friday and here are the 5 things to know for your New Day


Iconic image: Aylan Kurdi has become the symbol of the migrant crisis in Europe. The picture of the toddler’s body on a Turkish beach broke hearts, but opened minds to the enormity of the problem compelling people to flee from war zones like Syria and Iraq. His parents only wanted him to go to a safer place so he could grow up without fear. Instead the two-year-old is being prepared for burial.


Behind bars: Kim Davis woke up in jail this morning. Her beliefs on same-sex marriage put her there. The Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk won’t issue marriage licenses to gay couples, ignoring a Supreme Court order that says she must do otherwise. Still, gay couples will be able be able to pick up marriage licenses starting today. Five deputy clerk have agreed to issue them.


Party unity: This should make some in the GOP breathe easier. The Donald has signed the party’s loyalty pledge. It’s means he promises to support the party’s eventual nominee and won’t run as a third-party candidate. The Republicans want a united front when they face the Democratic nominee, whoever it may be. Hillary? Bernie? Biden?


Say what?: It sounded like a good story — until it didn’t. A part-time Massachusetts police officer lied when he said somebody shot at his patrol car, causing it to crash and burn. Police Sgt. William Dwyer with the Mills Police Department south of Boston says the officer fired on his own cruiser so he could concoct a story that someone shot at him. The story fell apart under investigation. We’re guessing a career in law enforcement is out of the question now.


A match: Everyone seems to agree. French investigators now say the flaperon that was found on Reunion Island in July is from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Numbers on the wing piece match records from the company that helped manufacture it. The French have been extremely cautious about linking the flaperon to MH370. Malaysia officials did so weeks ago.

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