Dimmick Gets State Prison for Ordering Woman to Take Off Clothes Inside Business

William Scott Dimmick (Provided photo)

William Scott Dimmick (Provided photo)

CLEARFIELD – A Clearfield man charged with entering a business and ordering a woman to take off her clothes was sentenced to state prison in Clearfield County Court.

William Scott Dimmick, 55, 146 W. Market St., Clearfield, pleaded guilty to terroristic threats and two counts of harassment before Judge Paul E. Cherry. He was sentenced to two to five years in state prison.

The two incidents occurred on Feb. 18 and March 4 in Clearfield Borough. The victim reported that in the first incident a disguised Dimmick entered her business, locked the door and asked her to take off her clothes.

Prior to sentencing, the victim’s husband addressed the court. He stated that she felt threatened during these incidents and was still “very upset about this.”

Attorney Curtis Irwin, who was representing Dimmick, explained Dimmick felt remorse for his actions, and he never intended to harm her. He intended it to be a joke.

Dimmick apologized and stated “this shouldn’t have happened.”

His parole on a previous disorderly conduct charge was also revoked. For this he was sentenced to 172 days in jail, which is time served in that case. His new sentence will run consecutive to the revocation.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the first incident occurred on Feb. 18. A man with a black mask covering his face and dressed all in black walked into the business and slammed the door behind him. He locked the door and ordered her to “get your clothes off and get in the back room.”

As he walked toward her, she recognized him and called him by name. He paused and said “what?” She called him by name again. He turned around and looked at himself in a mirror and asked how she recognized him.  She told him it was because they grew up together and he was a regular customer.

After paying and receiving services at the business, he asked if he could come to her house since her husband was gone. She said “never” and he left.

On March 4 he returned. He asked if she was busy and he noted there was no one else there. He then locked the door behind him and said “now let’s go in the back room.”

She told him that was not happening and unlocked the door. He locked it again. She reached behind him and unlocked it once more. She stated that what he wanted would never happen, adding that she was happily married.

He stated “all happiness must end someday” and he left.

Several minutes later he called and claimed he was going to take her to the movies to see “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Then, he said they would go back to his house and re-create the scenes.



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