Pataky Fills Vacant Seat on Clearfield School Board

Randy Pataky  (Photo by Jessica Shirey)

Randy Pataky (Photo by Jessica Shirey)

CLEARFIELD – Randy Pataky of Clearfield was appointed to fill the vacant seat on the Clearfield school board at a special meeting Monday night.

Pataky was nominated the first time by board member Tim Morgan. Board member Jennifer Wallace seconded Pataky’s nomination.

Board members Larry Putt, Wallace, Morgan and Susan Mikesell voted in favor. Board members Dr. Michael Spencer and Gail Ralston opposed.

After the board’s vote, Superintendent Terry Struble explained that school code required a majority vote of the eight board members.

Spencer then nominated Annjane Ross, which was seconded by Ralston. However, it failed as Putt, Wallace, Morgan and Mikesell opposed.

When Putt called for another nomination Morgan said the board was close to a majority with four votes for Pataky.

He asked if anyone would be willing to change their vote in regards to Pataky. Ralston agreed to and made a motion, which was seconded by Morgan.

During the second vote, Putt, Wallace, Morgan, Ralston and Mikesell all were in favor of Pataky. Spencer again opposed.

Pataky was subsequently sworn in as a member of the board. During his presentation prior to the board’s vote, Pataky said he wanted to offer “his time.”

According to him, he was retired and his children had started lives of their own. Although he’s started a business, he said, “I have time to devote to the school district.”

Pataky said all of his children received their education from the Clearfield Area School District and did well.

“I want to be a part of keeping the standards high,” he said. “I want our students to compete in college and outside in the world.”

According to him, students are only given a short period of their lives in school, and they must get an education while they’re there. “It’s up to the board of directors,” said Pataky.

“It’s up to the board of directors to put an administration in there that will make sure the students are getting what they need. I think that’s very important.”

He also stressed that he didn’t have an agenda. He said he wasn’t seeking the vacant board seat because someone he knew wanted a job within the district.

Also, Pataky reminded that all of his children had graduated from Clearfield. He said he helped his children through and wanted to do the same for others by serving on the board.

Pataky will fill the board seat through the December re-organizational meeting. He will appear on the Republican ballot during the General Election in November.

Ralston thanked all for candidates – Pataky, Ross, Al Royer and Susan Carns – for their interest in the school district. She encouraged them all to “try again.”

Board members Mary Anne Jackson and Phil Carr were absent from the meeting.

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