New Retailer to Purchase Former K-Mart Building

CLEARFIELD – A new retailer has agreed to a preliminary sales agreement with Pennmark Management Company Inc., for the former K-Mart building in the Save-A-Lot Plaza, Clearfield, announced Dr. William Grigsby, controller, Pennmark, at today’s Clearfield County Commissioners’ meeting.

The new retailer must remain “nameless” at this time due to a confidentiality clause contained within the sales agreement. As soon as the sales agreement becomes final, Pennmark will hold an official announcement to release additional details and to welcome the new retailer to the plaza, said Grigsby.

According to him, the new retailer will bring approximately 90 jobs – both full- and part-time, to the area. In addition, he said that the new retailer will invest $2 million in exterior and interior improvements to the plaza space, which is approximately 95,000 square feet.

Grigsby said that Pennmark will continue to work with the commissioners, Lisa Kovalick in the county planning department, Julie Slomski, director of the Governor’s Northwest Region office and Kim Thomas in the state Department of Community & Economic Development on funding for improvements to the infrastructure of the plaza and its parking.

The other nearby, major tenants include: Big Lots, Save-A-Lot, Aaron’s Rentals and Leasing, Tractor Supply Company and Dollar Tree. Grigsby said that he could confirm that the new retailer is not Target.

According to Grigsby, Pennmark has also leased its vacant space next to Aaron’s Sales and Leasing to the Clearfield County Recreation & Tourism Authority (CCRTA). “Pennmark has consistently worked in the Clearfield community to develop and invest in real estate, bring more jobs to the area and to increase revenue to the community,” he said.

“David Cafiero, owner of Pennmark, Robert Sichelstiel, chief financial officer of Pennmark and Dr. William Grigsby, controller for Pennmark, have been working closely with local and state government agencies and local non-profits to boost economic development in the region.”

Commissioner Mark B. McCracken said that county officials have spent a lot of time working with Pennmark and have an understanding that plans are still being finalized. When he asked if the new retailer planned to open in the spring, Grigsby said he could neither confirm nor deny those plans at this time.

“We have worked here at the office and on-site,” added Commissioner Joan Robinson-McMillen, chair. “We want all of the stores [in the plaza] to benefit.” She said that the commissioners have made it a top priority to bring new jobs to the Clearfield area.

Commissioner John A. Sobel said the commissioners were pleased that a new retailer would open its doors in the Save-A-Lot Plaza. “It’s a frequent sign that others will follow and maybe even a restaurant at some point,” he said. “We’re hoping for new development there and to add jobs and more choices for the people of the area.”

McCracken concurred, noting that with the new retailer, the Save-A-Lot Plaza will be full once again. “It will allow for the focus to turn to the development of the surrounding area up there,” he said.

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  1. Dustin Parks

    So no Target, but it is a retailer…who else could it be, seriously? At least the building is going to be used, but it needs to be a recognized outlet that is going to actually bring business in for the long term, rather than come and simply disappear after the peak season.

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