Kaizer Accused of Biting Woman in the Face

DUBOIS – A Reynoldsville woman is accused of biting another woman in the face during a fight.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed with District Judge Patrick Ford’s office July 20, Cassidy Lynn Kaizer, 32, 428 Hill St., Reynoldsville, is charged by the DuBois City police with assault, harassment and disorderly conduct following an incident July 18.

According to the affidavit, police were called to Coyote Joe’s for a fight between three women. The officers were informed by 911 dispatchers that one woman bit another woman in the face. The victim of the bite had been taken to the hospital.

When police met with staff at the bar they were told that one of the females, later identified as Kaizer, allegedly beat up two other women on the sidewalk for no reason.

They allegedly told police that the two women were just standing outside the bar and Kaizer came “out of nowhere” and grabbed both victims by the hair and slammed their heads off the sidewalk, spit in one victim’s face, then bit the second victim in the face. The witnesses told police Kaizer went to a nearby apartment building. Police searched the building but could not locate Kaizer.

The officers then went to the hospital to speak to the victims. The first victim allegedly told police she and the other victim were outside talking when Kaizer “appeared out of nowhere” and grabbed the first victim by the hair, spit in her face several times, threw her to the ground, then smashed her head off the sidewalk.

The first victim allegedly said the second victim tried to help, but Kaizer grabbed the second victim by the hair, threw her to the ground, smashed her head off the sidewalk, and then bit the second victim in the face.

The first victim allegedly told police that a man tried to break up the fight, but Kaizer punched him in the face. The first victim said Kaizer then got up and went into a nearby apartment building. The victim said she had never seen Kaizer before and had no idea who she was.

The officers went back to the apartment building and located Kaizer hiding under a bed in one of the apartments.

Kaizer allegedly told police she had a warrant for her arrest out of Jefferson County. Kaizer was handcuffed and allegedly told police that she had heard the two victims planning to fight outside the bar and went to break it up.

Kaizer allegedly told police that the two victims “jumped” her. Kaizer allegedly admitted to spiting in one of the victim’s faces, biting the second victim and slamming both their heads off the ground.

Police were able to speak to the second victim. She allegedly told police she was outside the bar talking to friends when Kaizer “came out of nowhere,” grabbed her by the hair, pushed her to the ground, slammed her head off the sidewalk and bit her in the face. The victim said she had been admitted to the hospital for the night and needed to have surgery on her face in the morning to remove part of Kaizer’s tooth from her face.

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