Jon Stewart: ‘Trump is the candidate version of the hot dog crust pizza’

Jon Stewart tried as hard as he could, but in the end, he just couldn’t ignore Donald Trump.

Stewart opened Thursday night’s “Daily Show” by trying to focus on the other presidential candidates, but found himself going back to one of his favorite targets.

“Donald Trump is the candidate version of the hot dog crust pizza,” Stewart said, referencing the freakshow Pizza Hut menu item. “You don’t want it, you never ordered it, you can’t believe someone came up with it, but now it’s all you want to eat.”

Stewart bounced back and forth between discussing candidates including Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb and John Kasich, but ultimately gave in.

“You know what? I’m tired of fighting it. It’s the summer. Why can’t we just have a little fun?” Stewart asked. “We’ll get back to school in the fall, hit the books, get serious about our future, but until then what’s the harm in a little summer fling?”

This led Stewart and “Daily Show” correspondents Jordan Klepper and Jessica Williams to break out into a modified version of the “Grease” classic “Summer Nights.”

“Summer Trumpin’… had me a blast,” Stewart sang. “Summer Trumpin’… he’s such an a**.”

During the song’s big finish, Stewart broke into laughter saying, “we are terrible singers.”

The song and dance number came on the same day in which Trump claimed he was invited to be a guest on one of Stewart’s final “Daily Show” episodes.

“This guy is so much fun,” Stewart exclaimed.

The fun of covering Trump won’t last forever for Stewart, however. He will sign off as “Daily Show” host on Aug. 6.

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