Fun facts about Trump’s finances

Donald Trump, candidate, mogul and author of classics such as Think Big and Kick Ass, has pulled back the financial curtain on his vast, confusing often eponymous holdings.

Let others quibble about his net worth. Is he or isn’t he worth $10 billion? Anything over $100 million and let’s just agree he’s rich.

But we found it interesting that:

Trump’s book royalties alone trump most Americans’ annual household income: He lists 15 books on his official financial disclosure forms. But only four generate any income. Combined, Think Like A Champion, The Art of the Deal, Time to Get Tough and The Midas Touch brought in between $85,000 and $215,000.

Turns out talk isn’t cheap: Trump has pulled in $1.75 million in speaking fees between May 2014 and March 2015.

The man really, really likes his name on the door: Of the 515 entities for which Trump lists himself as chairman, president, vice president, director, partner, member, secretary or treasurer, 276 (54%) of them have “Trump” in the name.

Another 63 entities are listed by acronyms beginning with a “T” which often stands for Trump — e.g. THC (Trump Hotel Collection).

Trump gets a pension: That’s a relief. Real estate, after all, is a risky business. But thanks to the Screen Actors Guild, Trump will be entitled to $110,228 in pension income. It’s not clear from the form whether that’s a total payout to date or an annual event. The value of the pension as an asset is listed as “not readily ascertainable.”

His “Apprentice” salary fell a little shy of his campaign’s claim: According to Trump’s financial disclosure forms, he earned $14,222 from his NBC show, “The Apprentice,” although over what period is unclear. In any case, it comes in well below the average $15.2 million his campaign suggested he earned per season over the past 14 seasons.

His wife can tide him over for a week if need be: Trump’s wife, Melania, has her own skin care line that brought in royalty income between $100,001 and $1 million.

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