5 things to know for your New Day — Tuesday, July 21

New details in the New York prison escape emerge. Another Republican jumps into the 2016 race. And divorce lawyers everywhere rejoice over the Ashley Madison hack.

It’s Tuesday, and here are five things to know for your New Day.


Night walker: David Sweat had more freedom than we ever imagined at Clinton Correctional Facility. The convicted killer and former escapee told authorities he got out of his cell every night for months, because the guards were asleep. Sweat said he wandered around the maze of tunnels and pipes in the bowels of the prison and eventually devised the escape plan that he and fellow escapee Richard Matt used.


Add one more: This morning Ohio Gov. John Kasich will become the 16th Republican candidate in the presidential race as he makes his announcement in Columbus. Kasich sports an impressive resume, but he may struggle to raise money and gain attention in such a crowded field. Meanwhile, Donald Trump fought through a tough weekend to find himself at the top of yet another national poll. But the news wasn’t all good for The Donald. An editorial published last night in the Des Moines Register — the top newspaper in the crucial caucus state of Iowa — demands that Trump get out of the race. “Trump has proven himself not only unfit to hold office, but unfit to stand on the same stage as his Republican opponents.” Ouch.


Suicide or murder?: Dashcam video is expected to be released today in the mysterious death of Sandra Bland. Bland, who lived in Chicago, was in Texas for a new job at a college. But she was pulled over by police for an alleged traffic violation and then arrested after police said she became “uncooperative.” She was later found not breathing in her cell. Police said she hanged herself, but family and friends don’t believe that, saying she was anything but suicidal. A district attorney said yesterday the inquiry into her death will be treated like a murder investigation.


Christmas in July: Besides — obviously — spouses, who else might be the most interested in getting hands on that hacked data from Ashley Madison? Divorce lawyers. If the hackers make good on threats to make public the sensitive information stolen from the cheaters’ dating site of choice, it could trigger a flood of divorces. One Canadian attorney says he thinks most lawyers would start raising their rates.


Spit detector: Is your saliva the key to beating Alzheimer’s? Researchers think so. A “saliva test” was presented this week at the 2015 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Washington. The test examines saliva samples and looks at changes in it as the potential way to detect Alzheimer’s early. The study has not been published or peer-reviewed, so more research will be needed before the saliva test could be used as a detection tool.

Report: New York prison escapee spent months carving, finding his way out
DA: Sandra Bland's death being treated like murder investigation

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