Male Facing Charges for Police Stand-Off in Sandy Twp.

SANDY TOWNSHIP – A male has been accused of making threatening actions and comments during a nearly five-hour stand-off with local police on Friday.

The male has been charged by Sandy Township police with aggravated assault, terroristic threats, harassment and disorderly conduct. He’s been incarcerated at the Clearfield County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Police were dispatched to check the welfare of a male at 10:04 a.m. Friday at a Mountain Run Road residence. In addition, police were advised the male was recently released from a mental health facility and may attempt to harm himself.

According to the report, police initially made contact with the male outside of his residence. He allegedly possessed a pry bar approximately 15 inches in size in his hand. Officers allegedly observed the male swinging the pry bar back and forth in a threatening manner towards them.

According to the report, the male allegedly struck a metal bell that was hanging from the porch, causing it to fly through the air towards officers. He also allegedly threw a bucket at them.

The male allegedly told officers that “they would have to kill him today.” He also allegedly commented that “he was not being tasered, and we would have to shoot him,” police said. When the male went back inside his residence he allegedly told officers he would kill anyone who came in.

Once the male was inside his residence, police allegedly heard him screaming, “I’m going to make you shoot me” and to come get him. According to police, the male allegedly appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance, and his demeanor and actions were “highly irrational, erratic and threatening towards officers and the general public.”

According to the report, police received information that firearms had been removed from the residence. However, police were advised that a long rifle may still be inside of the residence and accessible by the male.

According to the report, police attempted to make phone contact with the male. After making a loud speaker announcement, police made phone contact with him and requested that he come outside.

While allegedly refusing to the male told police they would have to come in and get him, and he would fight with them. He also told officers they would have to shoot him.

According to the report, officers pulled back and established a containment perimeter. Police evacuated nearby residences and closed the street. Police requested back-up from DuBois City and the Pennsylvania State Police, including a Special Response Team, due to the nature of the incident.

In addition, police requested personnel from the Sandy Township Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services to be on standby at the scene. Members of Sandy Township’s Public Works Department assisted with traffic detours.

According to the report, police continued to attempt to communicate with the male without any avail. Police made loud speaker announcements to request that the male come out of the residence while officers were there to help him.

According to the report, the male allegedly refused to come out of his residence to speak with police. After a period of time on several occasions, he allegedly opened the front window and exited onto the back deck to make demands for cigarettes and heroin.

Police again requested the male via a loud speaker announcement to come out, which he allegedly refused to do. He then allegedly made several Facebook posts, such as: “I didn’t know trashing your own house was illegal these days. [Expletive] the police;” “I don’t need a gun, I kill [expletive] with my hands;” and “death by cops will be fun. I always wanted it to be heroin, but that would be too easy.”

According to the report, police subsequently obtained an Involuntary Emergency Examination and Treatment Warrant (302) based upon the male’s alleged actions and observations by family members.

After nearly five hours, police prepared to enter the male’s residence at approximately 2:43 p.m. The male, however, exited the residence and was taken into custody.

Inside the residence, police allegedly observed damage that was caused by the male. Police also allegedly located a firearm.

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