Borough Resident Asks for Help with Water Problem

CLEARFIELD – An onslaught of wet weather has Clearfield Borough residents struggling to dry out.

At Thursday’s meeting, resident Linda Stevens asked the Clearfield Borough Council for help with water drainage problems at her home on Gulich Avenue.

Stevens said the street department had started digging near her driveway to help improve the drainage but then water started coming up under her steps.

Stevens said the crew had filled in the hole, but the last few heavy rain storms caused the gravel to wash out. She said the crew had returned and put a new drain in for the alley behind her house but now the water is running down the alley into her yard.

She said there are springs coming up in her yard and she was told that there is a mine shaft near her property that could be causing the water problems.

Stevens asked if a mine would be something that the Department of Environmental Protection would need to address.

Stevens said she has had damage to her patio and other areas of her property and wanted to know if there was anything the borough could do to help.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said the street crew is still working in the area; however, there are properties all over the borough having water problems due to the rainy weather.

She said some properties have as much as two and three feet of water in their basements. She said these properties have been taking priority, but the crew will come back and finish their work as soon as they can.

The council also discussed a proposed parking lot near Buster’s Sports Bar. Code Enforcement Officer Larry Mack said the zoning hearing board held its monthly meeting June 24 and recommended approval for the lot under the condition that a lot sub-division is performed to separate the residential property from the proposed lot; some of the top soil is removed and replaced with gravel to eliminate mud being tracked onto adjacent alleys and roads; and a site plan must be performed by a professional engineer following the Sub-division and Land Development Ordinance.

Mack said these three conditions must be completed within a year.

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