State Police Investigate Prohibited Weapons Incidents at SCI

HOUTZDALE— State Police at Clearfield are investigating a series of weapon incidents against four inmates at State Correctional Institution, Houtzdale.

In the first incident, on June 17, officials observed a 23 year- old inmate burry a weapon in the dirt near a sit-up machine in the South exercise yard.  The weapon was made of plastic that was sharpened with a knife.  In a separate incident the same day, a 6 inch weapon constructed out of copper wire was discovered inside a 30 year- old inmates pillow case during a random search.

Wednesday, an inmate was being questioned in a unit manager’s office on unrelated issues.  During the interview, the 26 year- old inmate stood up and a weapon constructed of copper wire, wrapped in a cloth, fell out of the inmate’s jumpsuit.

In yet a separate incident Wednesday, officials found another weapon on a 29 year-old inmate made from a wooden hair brush handles that was sharpened to a point with orange plastic wrapped around the other end of the handle.  The weapon measured 5 ½ inches long and was found in the front shirt pocket of the inmate during a pat search.

All four are facing prohibited offensive Weapons charges.  The investigation is ongoing.


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