‘Little Siberia:’ Prison near Canadian border has history of tough inmates

They don’t call this prison “Little Siberia” for nothing.

Its location is remote, the weather would freeze a yak’s behind, and it has been home to some of the most hard-bitten inmates in the history of New York crime.

The notorious mafioso Charles “Lucky” Luciano did 10 years here before being deported to Italy.

And Robert Chambers, the so-called “preppy murderer,” was sent here after committing infractions at another prison. Chambers, who claimed that Jennifer Levin died accidentally during rough sex, was convicted of manslaughter — and, later, of drug offenses.

The Clinton Correctional Facility is situated in northern New York state, in a sparsely populated area of the Adirondack Mountains, 20 miles from the Canadian border.

Most inmates convicted of violent crimes

According to The New York Times, nearly 90% of inmates at the maximum-security prison have been convicted of violent crimes, compared with a statewide average of two-thirds. Inmates are serving average minimum sentences of 13 years — more than twice the average in the state.

Many of the residents of the surrounding village of Dannemora work at the prison. The prison houses 2,689 inmates.

It was built in the middle of the 19th Century — and apparently is not a nice place to do time. Sometimes inmates decide that hard time there is just too hard to take.

The Times, citing state figures, reported that 23 inmates had committed suicide there from 2000 to 2014.

'Little Siberia': Prison near Canadian border has history of tough inmates
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