How to help Texas and Oklahoma flood victims

Heavy rain and flooding hit parts of Texas and Oklahoma over the Memorial Day weekend, leaving dozens of people dead, missing, injured or displaced.

Organizations are responding to those in need with shelter, food and recovery during this disaster.

You can help by supporting these groups:

Volunteers from TEXSAR are in Central Texas searching for those who are still missing.

The Salvation Army is distributing food, water and other supplies to victims.

United Way for Greater Austin has set up a disaster recovery fund which will be distributed directly to those in need. They are also collecting mops, brooms, and other cleaning items.

ADRN has volunteers going door-to-door in the hardest hit areas to check on victims’ emotional and physical well being. The organization is also asking for sponsors to help families in need of long-term assistance.

Samaritan’s Purse is helping storm victims by cleaning flooded homes and spraying them for mold.

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