5 things to know for your new day — Monday, May 18

A massive biker brawl in Texas leaves nine people dead. ISIS takes over another major city, this time not far from Baghdad. And the FBI says a man claims he hacked into airplane computer systems on passenger jets.

It’s Monday, and here are five things to know for your new day:


Massive melee: Rival biker gangs opened fire outside a restaurant in Waco, Texas, leaving nine people dead. It happened in broad daylight at a Twin Peaks on Sunday. What’s more — police said they had anticipated trouble and had officers pre-positioned at the restaurant.


Another big blow: The key Iraqi city of Ramadi fell to ISIS on Sunday after a series of bombings forced security forces to retreat, the mayor said. Iraqi and allied forces have battled ISIS militants for control of the strategically located city, which is just 70 miles west of Baghdad. But Iraqi and U.S. officials said the fight for Ramadi is far from over.


A worrisome claim: A cybersecurity consultant told the FBI he hacked into computer systems aboard airliners up to 20 times and managed to control an aircraft engine during a flight, according to federal court documents. Chris Roberts has tweeted that he’s been advised not to say much, but said his only interest is “to improve aircraft security.”


Melting away: Here’s a sobering thought: One of the few remaining sections of Antarctica’s Larsen B Ice Shelf will likely be gone by the end of this decade, according to a new NASA study. And that could have huge consequences The disintegration of ice shelves can hasten the rise of global sea levels, which could lead to swaths of countries and even parts of New York City flooded.


Spoiler alert: No, Don Draper didn’t jump out a window (like his silhouette on the opening credits might suggest). Instead, when AMC’s “Mad Men” came to an end, Draper (Jon Hamm) sat on a California shoreline, welcoming the dawn of a new day, with “new hope … new ideas, new you.” Here’s what else happened in the highly anticipated series finale.

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