Metcalfe Reloads House Bill 357

Confirms 10th Annual PA 2nd Amendment Action Day will salute all who protect and serve

HARRISBURG — State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) has announced the reintroduction of his Right to Bear Arms Protection Act that would make all future federal gun control laws unenforceable within the Commonwealth (House Bill 357).

“The ongoing acts of mob violence taking place in Baltimore should offer undeniable proof to all elected officials that disarming law-abiding citizens through senseless gun control laws is the wrong answer when it comes to protecting life, liberty and property from criminal thugs who have no respect for human decency or the rule of the law,” said Metcalfe.

“Criminals beware: With the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws already in full effect, if you try this nonsense in Pennsylvania, you may very well be met by armed law-abiding citizens who will not hesitate to utilize lethal force to stop you from terrorizing our homes and communities.

“However, without House Bill 357, what Pennsylvania firearms owners do have in common with all those victimized in Baltimore, is no guarantee of protection from the tyranny of federal gun control laws.”

Similar to legislation already adopted in several states, including Montana and Arizona, final enactment of Metcalfe’s Right to Bear Arms Protection Act would mean that anyone — even federal agents — who try to enforce any type of gun control restriction within state borders would face arrest and being charged with a felony offense.

“The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned,” said Metcalfe.  “Article 1, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution makes it crystal clear that no level of government, especially the federal government, has any authority whatsoever to impose senseless restrictions on law-abiding firearms owners, or worse, the confiscation of legally owned firearms.

“The purpose of my legislation is to force any gun-grabbing federal official to count the costs of unconstitutionally disarming or denying Pennsylvania citizens their God-given right to keep and bear arms.”

Metcalfe is also calling on all Pennsylvania citizens who support Constitutional liberty to attend this year’s 10th annual Pennsylvania Second Amendment Action Day on May 12.

Beginning at 10 a.m. on the state Capitol steps and saluting all who protect and serve, just some of this year’s outstanding featured speakers will include former Graham County, Ariz., Sheriff Richard Mack, who is the only sheriff in American history to win a landmark case against federal gun control laws, and several state lawmakers who previously served in law enforcement.

Established in 2006, on average, more than 70 state lawmakers and hundreds of citizens from across the Commonwealth attend this annual grassroots event in support of the Second Amendment.  Complete information and a downloadable flyer on this year’s 10th annual Pennsylvania Second Amendment Action Day is available by visiting


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4 thoughts on “Metcalfe Reloads House Bill 357

  1. boptherabbit

    Alas, there are some people that think that law enforcement can do no wrong, and it’s those dirty,rotten, tax-paying citizens that screw everything up. Looks like Mr. Metcalfe is one of them. Hell yeah. Give everyone a gun and tell them to shoot to kill anyone that disagrees with them. That’ll teach ’em to mess with your misconstrued second amendment rights.

  2. LoneLib

    Does Metcalfe ever take up legislation that might actually accomplish something, or does he carryout an endless string of useless political grand-standing and demagoguery? Talk about a waste of tax dollars. He is also a waste of air and water.

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