Parker Dam Programs Announced for May

PENFIELD – Officials at the Parker Dam State Park have announced the schedule of programs for May.

Friday, May 1

Frog Lullaby

8 p.m. – Pavilion 4  

It’s almost bedtime, but only for some.  Come on a frog search as we learn about different species that can be found at the park, along with their various characteristics; including songs, diet, and amazing adaptations.  Frog stalking is fun for the whole family.

Saturday, May 2

Fly-fishing Basics

3 p.m. – Flagpole, near Cabin Road  

Perhaps you have fished using a spinning rod in the past and want to try something new?  Join one of the park naturalists to be introduced to fly-fishing, discuss techniques, basic knots, and practice fly-casting.

Owl Prowl

7:30 p.m. – Environmental Education Classroom  

They are silent hunters of the night, but when they do call, can you identify the species?  earn about the owls found in Pennsylvania and try your hand at calling to these birds of prey to see if any of the park’s owls respond.  This program will begin in the EEC and transition to Pavilion 7 located past the CCC Museum.

Wednesday, May 6

Wildflower Wednesdays

6:30 p.m. – Environmental Education Classroom  

This series of Wednesday evening walks will be in search of our floral signs of spring.  We will look for some of the best colors of the season as a variety of species come into bloom.  These walks will continue to June 3.

Friday, May 8

Tea and Talk – Local History

6:30 p.m. – Beach House steps  

Sweet fern makes an excellent hot tea. Learn how to identify it and make the tea. Then, try some sweet fern tea for yourself and while enjoying, talk about the interesting local history.  Timber, coal, coke, and gas are all industries which have had an impact to this area and its natural resources.

Saturday, May 9

Dollar a Day Boys

11 a.m. – Environmental Education Classroom

A fun, nostalgic look at the 1930’s Federal Works Program that gave employment to 3.5 million men.  Hilarious stories, foot tapping songs, and a short video makes this a “must see” experience.

Matchless Fire

6:45 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

Strike a match and light a piece of paper. That’s how most campfires are started.  But what if you had no matches, or lighters, or paper for that matter.  Being able to start a fire without a match is one of the first skills you learn when mastering wilderness survival.  You’ll learn several methods to light a ‘matchless’ fire.

Tales from the Hive

7:30 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater

Bees are amazing creatures, quite possibly working harder than most others.  Watch as the secret world of a bee colony is unveiled and we see how life as a bee unfolds.  Discover new-found facts about the strange and complex life of bees.

Wednesday, May 13

Wildflower Wednesdays

6:30 p.m. – Environmental Education Classroom  

Please see May 6 program description.

Saturday, May 16

Souders Trail Evening Hike

6:30 p.m. – Ball Field  

Join us for a peaceful evening walk along the Souders Trail.  Participants will learn about the history of the park as we look for remnants of the lumber era and signs of spring life.  Please wear appropriate footwear and if possible, bring a set of binoculars along.

Night Sky Tour

9 p.m. – Dam Breast, near the CCC Museum  

Man has been inspired by the night sky since the beginning.  Join us as we take in the beauty and lore of early summer’s planets and constellations, during this month’s (almost) dark of the moon!

Wednesday, May 20

Wildflower Wednesdays

6:30 p.m. – Environmental Education Classroom  

Please see May 6 program description.

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