Clinton campaign chair talks 2016 with Senate Democrats

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta met with Senate Democrats Tuesday at their weekly policy lunch meeting, telling a reporter he was there to “re-introduce himself” to the upper chamber’s Democratic caucus.

Widely regarded as a wily veteran of liberal politics, Podesta also served as President Bill Clinton’s chief of staff during the final two years of his presidency. Most recently he served as a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, a post he stepped down from in February.

Responding to a question as he was walking into the meeting, Podesta said he was there to introduce campaign staff to the senators at the meeting, and discuss potential strategy for the upcoming campaign. Democrats are eager to regain control of the Senate after losing it to Republicans in 2014.

Podesta also said he wanted to, “tell (senators) that we want to stay in touch and be available as we begin to develop organization in every state in the country.”

He was long-eyed as a potential head for former secretary of state’s 2016 campaign — a position he has officially held since the campaign was launched on April 12, but a role he informally filled in the months prior.

In addition to Podesta’s Tuesday meeting with Senate Democrats, senior House Democratic congressional aides confirmed to CNN that Connecticut Democratic Rep. Rosa DeLauro is hosting a reception at her home on Capitol Hill Tuesday night for him to meet Democrats and discuss the 2016 campaign, confirming an earlier report from Politico on the event.

Two top Clinton staffers — Robby Mook and Amanda Renteria — are also attending the event at DeLauro’s home.

DeLauro regularly hosts events at her Washington home with guest speakers, but this is the first since Clinton announced her 2016 presidential campaign.

When asked how Senate Democrats can be helpful on the presidential campaign trail, Podesta referenced harnessing their deep political connections in states across the country.

“For those people that are already supporting Secretary Clinton, they’ve already been helpful by putting their networks in touch with our campaign,” Podesta said before entering the Capital Hill meeting.

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