Conservation Volunteers Needed at Parker Dam

PENFIELD – Pennsylvania has natural beauty second to none.  Much of that beauty is protected in public lands set aside for citizens to enjoy.

In 120 state parks and 2.1 million acres of forest land, visitors can experience the best of what Pennsylvania has to offer: biking along pristine streams; picnicking near tree-lined lakes; hiking through forest cathedrals; searching for birds in protected natural areas; and countless other recreational and educational adventures.

Imagine being able to play a role in helping enhance these bountiful natural lands.  Citizens can.

The Parker Dam State Park Complex, (which includes S.B. Elliott State Park), and all of Pennsylvania’s public lands, need help.  With help, Pennsylvania’s state parks and state forests will continue to provide benefits for generations to come.

Through the DCNR Conservation Volunteer Program at the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), citizens can don their work clothes and help build a trail, plant a flower garden, teach a group of students about wildlife or welcome visitors to “your” campground.

Citizens of all ages can participate in the program, which tries to match interests and abilities with appropriate projects. Some of the opportunities that await DCNR Conservation Volunteers in state parks and state forests are trails/wildlife habitat, environmental education, forest fire prevention, maintenance, research and campground hosting.

The work can be challenging, exhilarating and, above all, rewarding.  From a few hours, to a lifetime commitment, the choice is yours.  Any amount of time will benefit citizens and the outdoors.

During the 2015 season, the Parker Dam State Park Complex is in specific need of individuals or families to become DCNR Conservation Volunteers to:

1) operate the Lou and Helen Adams Civilian Conservation Corps Museum on Saturday and Sunday afternoons through the summer season.

2) monitor (weekly) the Cavity-nesting Trail Program (bluebird boxes) at both Parker Dam and S.B. Elliott State Parks.

There are various other projects, including some non-physical, indoor projects that are in need of a volunteer’s time in order to be completed.

If you have any questions about specific volunteer duties, please feel free to contact the Park Office at 814-765-0630.

If you would like to become a DCNR Conservation Volunteer at the Parker Dam State Park Complex, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator by phone at 814-765-0630, or by e-mail at

After completing the DCNR Conservation Volunteer application and being approved, volunteers will then coordinate with park staff to schedule their time at the park and projects to be worked on.  Some types of volunteer activities will require background checks.

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