Struble: Clearfield Schools Getting Proposal for District-wide Security Review

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield school board will be asked to consider a proposal from a consultant regarding a review of the district’s current security policies, plans and procedures for its two school facilities at a future meeting, said Superintendent Terry Struble on Monday night.

A security consultant, Struble said, is currently in the process of preparing a proposal for the district. When asked he was unable to estimate the costs that would be associated with a security consultant’s extensive district-wide review, as he hadn’t yet received that information.

According to Struble, if approved, the security consultant would evaluate the district’s school facilities for any weaknesses. Additionally, he said they would review policies and procedures and all aspects related to the district’s current security plans.

During the public comment period, an elementary parent, Jennifer Campolong, approached the board to follow up on its safety plans. She said the district’s safety plan was approved at a regular board meeting in November of 2014.

One to two weeks ago, she said that Struble clarified for her that the safety plan was at the printer. “I was happy to know that at the time of correspondence, the safety plan was at the printer waiting approval for final layout and mass production,” she said.

“I am confused why six months into the school year, this is appropriate. But I know this is where we’re at and we cannot change the current situation. Moving forward … I would like to know if the board would consider hiring a safety consultant to address future issues to expedite the process of rolling out the safety plans to our teachers.”

Struble explained to Campolong that the district has talked to a security consultant who is preparing a proposal for the board’s consideration at a future meeting.

Elementary parent Shelly Ryen asked Struble if the district’s progress with safety plans also included being in contact with the local fire departments. Ryen said she was specifically concerned about fire departments being provided with the updated layouts of the renovated and expanded school facilities.

“If you’re going into the elementary school, there aren’t any signs,” Ryen said. Struble advised that if local fire chiefs are concerned about responding to emergencies at the schools, they should contact him at the district’s administrative office at the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School.

Ryen pointed out to Struble again that the Clearfield Area Elementary School doesn’t have any signs to direct first responders. Struble said hopefully a member of the school’s staff is meeting with the first responders upon their arrival.

Ryen said that hotels and other large buildings have signs with a range of room numbers to direct visitors. Struble said there shouldn’t be anyone just wandering through the school without an escort.

“You wouldn’t want signs telling just anyone where to find a child,” he said. Ryen said she was suggesting signs with ranges of room numbers to assist first responders entering the school in the event of an emergency. Struble said this still would direct any visitor to classrooms, and in case of emergencies, the staff would be assisting with coordinating the first responders.

“I sure hope so,” said Ryen.

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