LT Supers Hear Sewage Project Complaint

CLEARFIELD – Resident Giles Lanager addressed the Lawrence Township Supervisors with complaints of damages to his home and property resulting from the township’s sewage line upgrade construction.

First, waterline damage near his house left his household without water for three days, Lanager said, then the repairs resulted in built up pressure in the waterlines that caused $2,300 in damages to his home.

Then, Lanager said, he was advised by the project inspector that any lumber cut by the contractor installing the sewage lines was to be left on the property, but lumber cut on his property was being hauled away.

Lanager said he had signed the releases for the sewage line construction across his property, but the releases did not include his Christmas tree farm. However, construction proceeded across his fields, destroying hundreds of trees, he said.

Lanager went on to describe the placing of the sewage line to his house, which was different from the original plans, and resulted in more lost trees and more digging than he believed was necessary.

Lanager said he was in favor of the sewage line upgrades, but he felt the path of the construction through his property and to neighboring properties was not what was originally proposed, and could have been done with very little disruption of property or damages.

Chairman Bill Lawhead noted that there was a conflict between Lanager and the township with legal council that would have to be addressed, and told Lanager that he would need to provide estimates of damages and losses. Lawhead added that the issue would be reviewed, but it will take time.

The supervisors approved a Zoning Conditional Use request from Craig Gephart to permit timbering on property zoned Rural-Agricultural, with access at Nelson Road. No comments arose on the Conditional Use change at the Public Hearing held prior to the regular township meeting.

Zoning Enforcement Officer Debra Finkbeiner reported that 13 of the residents found to be in sewage violation to date and received violation letters have not notified the township of repairs/replacements to correct the violations. Finkbeiner reminds these residents that the deadline for repairs is here and asks that they contact her by March 2 regarding repair plans.

Finkbeiner said there are 72 residential inflow/infiltration tests still outstanding and asks these homeowners to contact her as soon as possible to have the tests scheduled.

Finkbeiner also reminds businesses that Amusement Tax due date was Feb. 15. She said any vending machine within the township that receives money for a service must be certified by the township.

Finkbeiner noted that all businesses are required to have a Certificate of Occupancy provided through the state Department of Labor and Industry. Anyone starting a business must submit an application for the certificate, she added, and asks that she be contacted for information or assistance, particularly if any business does not have a Certificate of Occupancy on record.

The supervisors approved the planned fundraiser events for the year as submitted by Hyde and Glen Richey fire companies.

The supervisors approved to advertise for letters of interest to serve on township boards to fill expiring terms. It was noted that those currently holding expiring positions on the boards who are interested in continuing in that position are also required to notify the township of their continued interest. Township boards include the Recreational Park, Zoning, Airport Authority, Joint Appeals and Wolf Run Industrial Park.

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