Fit Nation: Weight loss Week 1 — the hiccups

Hiccups. 3 facts: We all get them.

They are annoying.

They will go away.

Well, Week one of the CNN Fit Nation Challenge has presented me with some hiccups.

My hiccups started just before Christmas; my right knee started aching.

Disclaimer: I am 67. Stuff happens!

The ache seemed to be no big deal. A little ibuprofen and I felt pretty good.

I was still going to the gym, doing a little (very little) on my treadmill, and started swimming this January 7.

I went to a sports medicine doctor on January 15 and was given naproxen, which worked very well. I was scheduled to return to the doctor February 5.

Kick-off Weekend started on January 21.

With my new painkiller friend, I was able to keep up with everything and loved every minute of it.

I was a bit achy, but darn it, I was not going to let it affect this amazing time.

Plus, I didn’t want it to show — no big deal, the pain will go away.

What a weekend — it was amazing, awesome, really.

Like I tell people, it was like Christmas, only with better workouts!

And I had fantastic teammates.

We bonded. We laughed. We cried.

January 25, our last day together, we swam and then we hiked up Stone Mountain.

But as the old saying goes, “What goes up must come down.”

There was no denying that my knee hurt.

I figured it would go away, as all hiccups do (see hiccup facts above).

There is no time for babying it.

We had lunch and then a lovely ride to the airport with CNN’s medical team.

While on the flight on Sunday, I started feeling an itchy area on the back of my leg.

“It’s a bug bite,” I’m thinking.

Next morning, it is large and red.

Tuesday morning, I awoke to snow.

I checked the area on my leg and it was blistered.

My mind went to “brown recluse spider bite.” Everything was closed (snow in South Jersey closes everything) so I called a dear friend whose husband is a physician.

He took one look at it and pronounced. “You have shingles.”

I was on meds by noon. But there was no swimming until the blistering was gone. OK, so I can’t run and now I can’t swim.

Hiccups on hiccups.

Doctors did an MRI on it January 28.

Since I am a nurse (uh, with a few control issues), I always like to see the test results.

They came in the mail January 30.

I’d had a gym/swim (blisters gone) morning and felt great, thanks to my buddy naproxen, and had been feeling happy.

But the results that came in the mail, well:

I have a large medial meniscus tear, Baker’s cyst, enchondroma (a benign cartilage tumor).

Oh yeah, the hiccups just got real.

I emailed the Fit Nation team managers.

“Stay calm,” they told me, “we’ll get through this.”

We will.

The good news in all this: It’s Week 1 and, like all hiccups, this will go away.

I foresee doctor visits in my future and maybe a “procedure,” but these hiccups will go away.

Stay tuned.

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