CIU No. 10 Now Offering Mobile Fingerprinting Services

WEST DECATUR – The Central Intermediate Unit No. 10 is now offering an on-site Mobile Fingerprinting Service to local school districts, charter schools, non-public schools or businesses.

This service will allow an organization to offer fingerprinting at the location that best meets the organization’s needs.

The CIU No. 10 will provide:

  • On-site check in for staff that are registered through Cogent
  • Fingerprinting for staff

All individuals requesting fingerprints will need:

  • Cogent registration identification


  • Be sure to register for the appropriate type of fingerprint as per employer’s requirement (i.e. Department of Education, Department of Banking, etc.)
  • Valid photo identification (i.e. Pennsylvania Driver’s License)

All money order transactions should be made to the Central Intermediate Unit No. 10 and must be paid before fingerprint is complete.

It is recommended that individuals have clean/lotion-free hands to enhance the quality of the prints

The cost of the Mobile Fingerprinting Services is $300 for an eight-hour day or $50 per hour.

For more information or to register for Mobile Fingerprinting Service contact W. Edd Brady at 814-342-0884 or via e-mail



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