Winter storm system delivers tornadoes, flooding, brutal cold, snow

Tornadoes in the South. Frigid temperatures and snow up north.

Welcome to the first weekend of 2015 across the United States.

Central Mississippi will be cleaning up Sunday after severe weather raked the state a day earlier.

Folks in Jasper County were among the hardest hit.

Craig Youngblood said a tornado missed his house by about 50 yards.

“We got pretty lucky,” he told CNN Affiliate WAPT. “We had a safe room in the house and we were all in there.”

Mary Magee was on the porch with her grand kids when the funnel cloud approached.

“There was nowhere to hide, nowhere to go,” she said. “And when they saw that thing coming, they came screaming and hollering.”

The storm system is dropping massive amounts of rain across the Southeast.

Forecasters are worried about possible flooding in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia.

Flash flood warnings are in place for five counties in northwest Georgia where up to four inches of rain may fall.

Northern exposure

While the South is soggy, brutal cold is settling across the nation’s northern realms and sinking deep into its midsection. Wind chill advisories are in place as far south as the Texas Panhandle.

Sunday’s forecast includes highs of 2 degrees Fahrenheit in Omaha, Nebraska, -1 in Minneapolis and -7 in Fargo, North Dakota. Wind chills are in the negative double digits across the northern Plains.

How ’bout some snow and freezing rain? Got that too.

A storm system will bring a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain to parts of Upstate New York and New England.

To the west, snow will also coat portions of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

And in the Northwest, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah, too.

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