Robbery Incident Under Investigation in Falls Creek

FALLS CREEK – The investigation is continuing into an alleged robbery that occurred Dec. 14 at a Falls Creek Borough residence, reported the state police at DuBois today.

According to state police, a female knocked on the victims’ door and asked to use their phone to call for a ride. The victims allowed the female to come inside and use a cellular phone.

Within a few minutes, a silver Sedan with a loud exhaust arrived outside and the female left the residence. A couple minutes later, one of the victims answered a knock at the door.

The victim didn’t see anyone and before closing the door, a Caucasian male came inside. The male was wearing a bandana over his mouth and nose, and a hooded sweatshirt, state police said.

The male held a handgun up sideways and demanded two pounds of marijuana. The victims denied having any marijuana, and the male fled the residence, state police said.

According to state police, the male was picked up down the street by a silver Sedan with a loud exhaust, which fled the area.

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