Burfield Waives Hearing in Terroristic Threats Case

CLEARFIELD – A man accused of threatening people inside a Houtzdale residence waived his right to a preliminary hearing on Wednesday during Centralized Court at the Clearfield County Jail.

Brian Elliott Burfield, 47, of Houtzdale has been charged with four counts each of simple assault, terroristic threats and recklessly endangering another person.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, on Nov. 20, Burfield allegedly directed threats towards people inside his Houtzdale residence, which included two small children. Further, he allegedly threatened to pour kerosene on them, to board up the windows and to set them on fire.

During the incident, Burfield allegedly stated that if he had a gun, he would kill the victims and then himself. He allegedly stated that he hated the victims and threatened to poison their food and drinks. Burfield also allegedly warned the victims that he’d be getting his firearms the next day.

On Nov. 21, Burfield left his residence and allegedly returned with a handgun and shotgun. The same day, he was allegedly verbally abusive towards one victim’s children. Burfield also allegedly punished one child by pulling him outside into 18-degree temperatures and forcing him to run around without adequate clothing to protect him from the cold temperatures.

Burfield, the affidavit alleges, commented that he didn’t want any of the victims around, and he wouldn’t have any problems if they were all dead.

On Nov. 22, one victim contacted someone to pick her and her children up at the Houtzdale residence. During the phone call, Burfield allegedly ripped the phone from the victim’s hand and grabbed her by the hair, which he ripped out.

The victim also allegedly observed Burfield in possession of explosives, and he commented that some of them were sticks of dynamite. The victim told state police that Burfield kept explosives in his closet, attic, basement and possibly his vehicles. The victim also related she’d observed Burfield setting off explosives in the backyard during the summer and fall of this year.

According to the victim, Burfield told her that he collects explosives. He also threatened that if she ever told anyone about the explosives that he would kill her and her children.

On Nov. 23, state police interviewed a witness who had allegedly observed Burfield with explosives. The witness stated that Burfield told him he had anywhere from three to five pounds of nitrate and enough to blow up his residence and the apartment building next door.

The witness told state police about Burfield’s plans for using the explosives. He allegedly observed Burfield with sticks of explosives, which Burfield actually gave to him in July. The witness stated that Burfield told him the sticks contained ammonium nitrate, were very dangerous and could kill him.

On Nov. 23, one of the victims applied for a mental health warrant for Burfield due to his threats towards himself and others around him.

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