Gabler Backs Bill to Protect Second Amendment Rights

HARRISBURG State Rep. Matt Gabler (R-Clearfield/Elk) joined the majority of his colleagues recently in supporting legislation, which prevents any of Pennsylvania’s more than 2,500 municipalities from enacting their own individual gun ordinances.  House Bill 80, which passed with bipartisan support, has been sent to Gov. Tom Corbett for his signature into law.  

“It is unfortunate that legislation like this is necessary, given the right to keep and bear arms that is afforded all law-abiding citizens through the United States and Pennsylvania constitutions,” Gabler said. “House Bill 80 nevertheless protects all Pennsylvanians from any elected official or government body with an anti-gun agenda.”

House Bill 80 was amended to include language from House Bill 2011, legislation which Gabler originally co-sponsored. Under the amended bill, anyone who has been adversely affected by any local firearms ordinance may file suit based on an alleged violation of the state pre-emption statute.

“Allowing one or any of Pennsylvania’s local jurisdictions to independently enact its own ordinances concerning an issue, which is already constitutionally guaranteed is not only potentially confusing, but greatly overreaching,” added Gabler.  “House Bill 80 ensures statewide uniformity when it comes to firearms laws and maintains citizens’ confidence in their legal right to carry.”

Offended individuals may also seek reasonable expenses, such as attorney fees, court costs and compensation for loss of income. Questions about this or any legislative issue should be directed to Gabler’s DuBois office at 814-375-4688 or his St. Marys office at 814-781-6301. Police Blotter
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2 thoughts on “Gabler Backs Bill to Protect Second Amendment Rights

  1. TheLostProphyt

    Yeah, because that’ll create jobs. Genius.

    Let’s be straight, people: Nobody is coming to take away your guns. That just won’t happen, plain and simple. And if a town is concerned enough to not want you waving your weapons around and making citizens nervous, then yes, it’s their right to stop you from doing so via ordinance. Your rights do NOT trump the rights of others.

    Another piece of useless legislation from the very same party who created the mess we’re in, and another opportunity to fix that problem wasted on some pointless side issue.

    • Dieselrider

      If you want to talk jobs and the creation/ loss of them. Let’s talk The War on Coal or The Keystone Pipeline (and the party that continues to block it) .

      The war on coal that the current administration in DC that backs that is costing this region and many others jobs by the thousands. From miners,. to processors, to power plant personnel to drivers. Not to mention the added cost to the people who use coal as an energy/ heat source.

      The Keystone pipeline could provide thousands of jobs in the short term and many long term jobs as well but, the butt heads in DC are doing all they can to block that.

      As to government not coming to take away guns, you are obviously out of touch with reality. There is now and continues to be a push by many liberals to take away guns. Some are foolish enough to believe that by taking guns from law abiding citizens would eliminate gun crime from all the world. Those same people believe that by handing money out to the “poor” in the form of entitlements will somehow bring prosperity to all.

      Go ahead and keep your head in the sand.

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