LTE: Main Street Manager Says Thank You

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the entire Clearfield Revitalization Corp. (CRC), board of directors and promotions committee, I am writing to thank everyone who supported the Pumpkin Run 5k, Parade of Paws, car, truck and bike show and the Fall Festival events downtown on Oct. 11.

We would also like to thank everyone who helped create an inviting and seasonal atmosphere downtown by decorating with cornstalks prior to the events. This included Cub Scout Pack 2, Henry’s Farm and Edgar Milligan, who organized the car, truck and bike show.

You all participated, sponsored and or volunteered your time to make these events a success. All of you helped to make this the biggest event in downtown Clearfield and it’s a huge success.

As the new Main Street Manager, I truly saw how our community came together in a short period of time to make a difference for everyone within our community.

We also had others from areas outside of our community join in the spirit of our vibrant downtown.

So many community members have provided the support and dedication in giving when needed to make our downtown a special place for people and events.

The CRC is devoted to making Clearfield a place of All-American people and spirit, and these Fall Festival events were a perfect example. For all of your support, the CRC is extremely grateful.

Thank you so much for being part of our mission in downtown Clearfield.

Loretta Wagner

Main Street Manager

Clearfield Revitalization Corp.

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