Library Lists September Memorials

CLEARFIELD – Officials at the Joseph & Elizabeth Shaw Public Library have announced the book memorial list for the month of September.

In memory of, given by:

  • Joan Aveni, Walter Stewart
  • Elizabeth Denham, Raymond H. Robinson
  • D. Ruth Esch, Queen Bees’ Book Club
  • John R. Flanagan, Carole Little and Nelson Provost
  • O. Lynn Frank, Polly, Lorie, and their families
  • Margaret Lanich, Mitzi Stewart-Finton and Dr. Abe M. Finton
  • Skip and Margie Lanich, Jim and Janet Coons
  • Marlene Luzier, Paula Beauseigneur
  • James Null, Carole Little and Nelson Provost
  • Sandra Mitchell, Raymond H. Robinson
  • Jim Vogel, Chris and Shane Rubbe

In honor of, given by

  • The 40th wedding anniversary of Judy and Alan Walker, Ken and Betsy Long
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