Clearfield Student Makes Habit of Academic Excellence

CLEARFIELD – A local student has made a habit of achieving academic excellence.

Karen Beish, a retired Clearfield school teacher, taught world geography to seventh graders for many years. She also provided home-bound tutoring.

While he was a seventh-grader, Beish taught Michael Ternoway and was drawn to his self-motivation. “He was very self-conscientious about his work and responsible. He did everything you want a student to do at Clearfield.”

While her student, Beish said Michael took on an “extra duty.” She discovered he wasn’t only a great world geography student, but also really phenomenal in math.

As a home-bound tutor, she struggled through understanding some of the Chicago Math problems. She sought out Michael to assist her in reviewing and preparing her home-bound math materials.

“Our math program can be really good, but Michael just excels at our math program,” said Beish.  “He took the Keystone Exams in the seventh grade and passed it with just flying colors.”

According to Beish, Michael took Algebra in the eighth grade. She was still providing home-bound tutoring and Michael would come into her classroom during study hall to assist her with reviewing and preparing her math materials.

By the end of the year, she said Michael had set a lofty academic goal for himself. “He wanted to get 100’s on his report card in every subject. I said, ‘You know, Michael, if that’s your goal, I think you can meet it.’

“He did it. He got all 100’s in every single subject. And, he was motivated to do it on his own.” Beish added that while an Algebra student in the eighth grade, Michael never missed a math question in class, on homework or on a test.

“That’s Michael. That’s the kind of student he is,” she said. “He can put math in a simple language that’s understandable to anyone. He’s wonderful and can teach anyone math and has helped other students.”

Beish said she wanted to present Michael to the Clearfield school board, as it doesn’t get to see first-hand the great students that the teachers have in their classrooms. She added, “As a school board, you get to hear all the problems. But this is a success story and the future of Clearfield.”

Assistant Principal Andrew Brickley pointed out that Michael maintained 100’s while also juggling athletics and music, a difficult task to do.

When asked, Michael told the school board he wanted to become a doctor when he got older. Michael will be a ninth grader this year at the new Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School.

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