Ongoing Blighted Property Repairs Spur DuBois City to Draft Ordinance

By Alexandria Toledo

(Photo by Steven McDole)

(Photo by Steven McDole)

DUBOIS – Ongoing property repairs at 505 W. Long Ave. have spurred the DuBois City Council to draft an ordinance, which would entitle code enforcement officials to first notify, then fine property owners who failed to improve blighted property.

According to City Solicitor Toni Cherry, there is currently nothing in place, which “…empowers the code enforcement officer to levy a fine.”  Instead, she said improvement is requested via letters, with no repercussions for failure to improve the area until elevated to the magistrate.

Council plans on taking the situation to the magistrate, which prompted further questions as to what is required to constitute personal service, as required by a present ordinance.

Cherry informed the council that personal service could be established by tacking a letter to the door and taking a picture.

It was noted that the property on West Long Avenue has been undergoing repairs for approximately two years.  It was further noted that the sidewalk is covered with debris, blocking it to pedestrians.

In related news, Zoning Officer Zac Lawhead requests that residents keep the weather in mind when reporting claims of long grass. He would also like to let residents know he’s trying to keep up with enforcement. Police Blotter
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