Programs Announced at Parker Dam

PENFIELD – Officials at the Parker Dam State Park have announced the program schedule for June 6-8.

Friday, June 6

Race to Save the Bats

8:30 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

White-nose syndrome, or WNS, has the potential to affect nearly all of the cave hibernating bats of Pennsylvania.  If this happens, there are serious consequences for everyone living in the Keystone State–even those folks who don’t particularly like bats.  Learn more about this devastating catastrophe and about what you should be aware of when it comes to the conservation of our native bats.

Saturday, June 7

Parachute Games

2 p.m. – Beach House 

One thing is for sure – there will be a parachute.  How much fun you have is up to you!  Bring along your friends and learn more about nature and wildlife with the park naturalist.

Plants and the Cherokee

8:30 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

The relationship between native people and the environment around them was a special one.  They were especially connected to the plants that provided food, clothing, and medicine.  Watch, you may see some plants that you know.

Sunday, June 8

On the Hunt for Mushrooms with Guest Karen Croyle

Central Pennsylvania Mushroom Club

2 p.m. – Environmental Education Classroom 

You may notice the tremendous numbers and diversity of fungi that can be seen growing in our yards and forests we explore.  Fungi are interesting organisms that play a huge role in most ecosystems, including forests.  Come for the discussion about mushrooms, other fungi, and the methods you can use to identify them.  Then, take a walk in the park where many types of fungi may be discovered.

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